Tooth Colored Fillings
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Beautiful and Functional

At Onyx Dental, we use only aesthetically-pleasing, natural-looking dental fillings. They are nearly invisible, while stopping decay, protecting your tooth, and being safe and durable.

Stop dental decay from spreading, causing bigger cavities and larger oral health issues, with our composite fillings.

Composite Fillings in Erin Mills

Composite fillings are made of a tooth-colored composite resin material which fills in cracks or the holes left from cavities. They are an excellent solution to stop tooth decay from creating more damage to your teeth. They are durable enough to handle the stresses of eating and chewing, and can be used on any tooth.

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How Do Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings Compare with Metal Fillings?

More Aesthetic

Unlike metal fillings, like silver fillings, or amalgam fillings, composite resin fillings match a natural tooth color for a nearly invisible treatment. With a composite filling, nobody will be able to see that you have had a filling.

Less Invasive

Composite resin fillings are bonded with your tooth and fit into smaller cracks and holes, for a minimally invasive treatment.

Tooth Colored Fillings Mississauga - Onyx Dental

Are Dental Fillings Really Necessary?

Stop Tooth Decay From Spreading, Causing Further Damage

Dental fillings are important to stop tooth decay from spreading. Without a filling, a cavity will get larger and more complicated, leading to abscesses and infections, and causing significant pain. The tooth structure will get weaker, too. Without treatment, emergency treatment may be needed, and the tooth may need to be pulled.

However, dental fillings restore strength to the tooth, and prevent infection from impacting your overall oral health.

Advantage of Onyx's Preventive Care Focus

At Onyx Dental, we emphasize preventative care; with regular checkups, we can reduce the risks of you getting tooth decay. We can also spot any signs of decay at the very earliest stages.

Save Money

Since tooth decay spreads if it is not treated, creating bigger issues, having a filling will save money in the long run. A filling for a small cavity is a quick and easy procedure, and much cheaper than an emergency treatment or root canal.

More Comfortable

Left untreated, cavities become increasingly painful. Dental fillings address the source of this pain and reduce temperature sensitivity.

Better Overall Health

Oral health has been linked to overall health; taking care of your teeth, gums, and mouth is important as part of maintaining good health.

Preserve a Beautiful Smile

Tooth-colored fillings help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile that you can be proud of.

Onyx's Dental Fillings in Erin Mills Procedure

We will take care of you throughout the entire process, answering your questions, and making sure you are comfortable. The procedure is quick, easy, and pain free.

Examination and Consultation

When you come in for a checkup and cleaning, a dental professional also examines your mouth for any decay or concerns. Sometimes, x-rays are needed. We will discuss everything with you. If a filling is your best option, go ahead with the procedure, so you are all finished in a single appointment.

Shade Matching

We use a special shade chart to find which composite resin color best matches your tooth.


One of our experienced dentists will numb that area surrounding your damaged tooth if necessary.


Next, we clean and sanitize the affected tooth carefully, to remove all the decay and prepare it for the filling.

Shaping the Filling

A bonding agent is used to allow the composite filling to adhere firmly. We shape the composite filling material and mold it to fit perfectly into the hole or crack in your tooth. It is then cured under a special LED light to strengthen it.

Get Your Tooth Colored Fillings in Erin Mills at Onyx Dental, for a More Natural Look

Dental Fillings Are Important for Dental Hygiene, But Why Use Composite Fillings?

Composite tooth-colored fillings have an excellent aesthetic, which is a prime reason many people prefer them to a metal or amalgam filling. Composite fillings blend in so naturally, it is like you never had any dental work done. There are other benefits, too, however.

Tooth Colored Fillings Mississauga - Onyx Dental

How Do Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings Compare with Metal Fillings?

Better Preservation of Your Tooth Structure

Tooth enamel is important for your tooth’s health; the process of bonding a composite filling to your teeth lets more of your enamel and tooth be preserved, compared to a metal filling.


Composite fillings offer excellent durability. Modern advances in this technology continue to improve, so newer fillings last even longer. The composite material bonds very well to tooth surfaces, making these fillings less likely to fall out.

Better for Small Details

Because the material is so moldable, composites are excellent for repairing minor tooth damage.

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How to Make Fillings Last Longer

Tooth colored fillings are durable and last many years, but there are some things you can do to make sure they last the maximum time possible.

Maintain a good dental hygiene routine at home, and be sure to come in for checkups on a regular schedule to make sure your filling is in good shape.

Staying well hydrated by drinking lots of water, and eating a healthy diet low in sugars and carbohydrates also helps with overall oral health, which in turn helps dental restorations last longer.

Trust Onyx Dental for your Dental Fillings in Erin Mills

Onyx Dental has friendly dental professionals, providing care and a positive experience for you. For a checkup, or a consultation about toothache or fillings, make an appointment request today.

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