Affordable Dental Care Options

regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist's

There are Affordable Dental Care Options available to address dental cost concerns, allowing you to receive necessary care without financial burden. Emphasizing good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings and checkups offer significant oral health benefits.

Reducing the risks of cavities, gum diseases, and more severe dental issues is one critical benefit. An additional key reason to take care of your teeth is the reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions, which have been shown to have links with poor dental health.

Basic Dental Services

A great way to reduce the costs of dental care is to focus on prevention. Preventive services are less expensive than a more complex dental procedure, and they reduce the likelihood that you will need one down the road.


Seeing your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups is important not only for good oral health, but saves you money in the long run. Visits to the dentist are shorter and cost less, as you just need maintenance treatments, not restorative ones.

A cleaning to remove small amounts of tartar build-up can be done in as little as 30 minutes by a dental hygienist. With significant build-up, a scaling process that can take a couple of hours is needed. Furthermore, tartar build-up traps bacteria, leading to cavities, which take more time and materials, adding to your dental costs. In worst case scenarios, left untreated, you could be looking at root canals, treatments for severe gum disease, and more.

Better Coverage From Insurance

Dental coverage is usually higher for preventive care, as much as 80% or more, and can even cover up to 100% of routine dental care, such as checkups, exams, professional cleanings, fissure sealants and preventative treatments like fluoride.

Insurance tends to offer slightly less coverage for simple restorations, such as fillings. Dental coverage for complex restorations tends to be less again. This means that not only are the treatments less costly for preventative care, but a greater percentage is covered, for lower out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Ask Your Dentist About Treatment Options

Ask Your Dentist About Treatment Options, Payment Plans or Any Incentive Program Offered

Let your dentist know about any concerns about costs. Alternative treatment options or different ways to maximize your dental insurance coverage may be possible.

At Onyx Dental we offer payment plans through LendCare so you can receive the dental services you need. This can allow our patients to receive a loan from LendCare to help provide for the payment of dental treatment and pay off the loan in agreed installments. Our team at Onyx Dental is there to help you through the process of setting up through LendCare and help answer any of your questions. 

Emergency Dental Services and Provincial Programs

Provincial health plans, including the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, don’t cover dental services, other than very limited dental emergencies due to a trauma that is treated in a hospital. An example of an emergency that might be covered would be oral trauma after a car accident when other injuries are being treated.

Free Dental Care for Eligible Seniors and Others

There are dental programs offering limited free dental care for those who meet eligibility requirements. These programs for free dental services vary by city and province. Last year, the federal government started implementing a new Canadian Dental Care Plan to help low income residents of Canada afford dental care.

Free Dental Care for Eligible Seniors

At Onyx Dental, your trusted dentist in Erin Mills, we work with your insurance to maximize coverage and offer cost-effective options. Contact us at (905) 567-4999 or visit 2555 Erin Centre Blvd Unit 12, Mississauga, ON L5M 5H1 for assistance with your dental concerns.




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