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Scared to Smile Due to Broken or Missing Teeth?

Dr. Mahli, Dr. Johal, and the staff at Onyx Dental are passionate about restoring not just our patients’ teeth, but also their confidence, whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or a full set.

Tooth loss can be a very traumatic experience, and losing a tooth permanently is frequently accompanied by a range of emotions. This has many detrimental effects, from harm to one’s bodily and emotional well-being, to disruptions in daily life. Patients frequently believe that those around them are criticizing them because they are missing teeth; this can result in low self-esteem, retreating from social situations, or even a reduced frequency of going out.

If you are self-conscious about a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or if you wear dentures and experience discomfort when chewing or avoid certain foods out of fear that your dentures would slip or pop out, then it may be a good time to consider dental implants.

When Tooth Replacement is Necessary…

We are aware that having a tooth replaced might be traumatic. In our office, we offer compassionate care to reduce that tension and guarantee the comfort of our patients. We’ll be available to talk to you about your options, respond to your inquiries, and treat you with the respect and consideration you need.

We don’t want to put pressure on our patients; instead, we like to assist, enlighten, and educate them regarding the best course of action for enhancing their smiles, whether tooth replacement is required for aesthetic purposes, to prevent shifting and overruption, or to make your bite more even. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you believe you require a tooth replacement. We’ll make sure to help in whatever way we can.

The dentist showing a teeth xray result to her patient for Dental Implants in Mississauga

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw that completely replaces the tooth’s root. To replace a missing natural tooth, the dentist performs a little surgical operation to insert the implant directly into the bone beneath your gums.
Dental Implants Mississauga - Onyx Dental

This is done to help it not only work and feel like a normal tooth but also appear like one. The implant itself acts like a natural tooth root and is capped off with a restoration known as a dental crown.

There are a few different types of dental implants that can be employed depending on the extent of restoration that is necessary. These can be a simple individual tooth replacement, or a complex bridge consisting of many implants which can support dentures.

No other dental restoration can come close to matching the structure and function of a natural tooth as closely as dental implants can.

What are The Benefits of Dental Implants?​

There are a number of benefits that dental implants have over other types of dental restorations:

Natural look and feel

Dental implants adopt the appearance and feel of "natural" teeth over time, becoming an integral part of your smile. They are uniquely created for you and are built to mimic the natural form, size, and colour of your teeth.


A dental implant is inserted, and as your jawbone heals, it becomes one with the implant. The implant can be used to affix a crown or bridge permanently, or the implant can be utilised to anchor dentures that are supported by implants. Whatever path is chosen, one thing is certain: the dental implant will not disappear. Feel free to laugh, grin, and indulge in your preferred cuisine.

Prevents bone loss

When teeth are extracted from the jaw, the jaw bone begins to recede and lose strength. Dental implants can stimulate healthy bone growth and help preserve the strength of your jaw bones.

That being said, it is important to know that implants are not suitable for all patients and it is best to speak with our team at Onyx Dental to determine if a dental implant is the right choice for you. .

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance in Ontario?

Unfortunately, in Canada, dental implants are not covered by most insurance plans. Dental implants are generally not covered by insurance because they are typically thought of as cosmetic procedures rather than necessary surgery.

As a result, the coverage that may be provided might only partially offset the total price. Since dental implants can be very expensive, it may be necessary to seek out some financial support in order to pay for your dental implants.

This means approaching a private healthcare insurance provider and enquiring about coverage for dental implants. This may be necessary if you are self-employed, retired, or otherwise lack insurance coverage which includes dental implants.

There is a high degree of variability of coverage when it comes to dental implants, as every case is different. At Onyx Dental we can help you understand your insurance coverage and send out estimates as needed. We also provide flexible payment plans and work closely with LendCare, an industry leader in in-house financing. 

Dental Implants Mississauga - Onyx Dental

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Erin Mills?

Dental Implants Mississauga - Onyx Dental

Dental implantation is a complex procedure requiring specialized materials and consultation with expert dentists. Accordingly, dental implants are often very expensive. Furthermore, the price will ultimately depend on what kind of procedure you require.

For a single implant, the total cost could range between $3,000 and $6,000 in Erin Mills. Dental implants for full-mouth reconstruction might cost anywhere from $6,000 to $60,000 or more. If you are going for dental implants, you will have to discuss the procedure at length with the dentist in order to get an accurate idea of what the cost will be.

At Onyx Dental, we believe that an affordable smile is something everybody should have access to. Accordingly, we try to accept most forms of insurance coverage for dental implants. Our affordable prices are one of the reasons our customers leave satisfied.

Are There Alternatives to Dental Implants?​

Dental implants may not be a suitable option in all cases, therefore it is important to speak to our dentists to determine what option is best suited for you. At your consultation, our dentists may suggest different replacement options for you such as:

  • A dental bridge can fill gaps left by one to three lost teeth
  • A dental prosthetic or removable dentures may be used to replace many lost teeth

Although the initial cost of dental implants may be more, they are more secure and long-lasting than bridges or dentures. As you age, you might need to have removable dental prostheses modified or replaced since they require various cleaning and maintenance procedures. A dental implant can last a lifetime with the right maintenance.

Dental Implants Mississauga - Onyx Dental

How Does Our Dental Implant Procedure Work?

Dental implant surgery can be divided into two stages, placement of the implant screw and secondly, fitting of the implant crown. Once you are ready to proceed with your implant surgery, the first phase involves numbing the area the dentist will be working in. The bone is then exposed to screw the titanium implant into the bone. You will receive some stitches to keep everything secure.
Dental Implants Mississauga - Onyx Dental

After 4-6 months the implant will be assessed to ensure that it has securely attached to the bone (osseointegration) and at this stage an impression will be taken with an abutment on the screw. This impression will then be processed to make your custom crown. During the final stage, your custom designed crown will be fitted into your implant.

In order to provide a secure foundation for new teeth, dental implants consist of two main components: the posts, and the replacements that are inserted into the jaw at the site of the missing teeth. These components are made of biocompatible materials like titanium, which stimulates the supporting bone, keeping everything strong and healthy.

The titanium screw will initially be inserted into the jawbone by your dentist. It takes time for the implant to settle in and for the bone tissue to develop and secure the device after the treatment.

Your dentist will then attach an abutment and tooth replacement to the screw once the tissue has healed, giving it the look and feel of a real tooth. The replacement may involve multiple caps or bridges, depending on the exact nature of your procedure.

Like any other dental restoration, implants need to be properly maintained and cared for in order to last as long as possible and avoid any complications. Maintenance generally consists of properly brushing and flossing your implants, just like with your regular teeth.

Dental Implants Mississauga - Onyx Dental

What Should I Expect Before and After the Procedure?

Before Your Procedure

Before getting dental implants, it’s crucial to understand what they are. In order to properly understand your dental needs, you will consult with a dental restoration expert. This process may involve other diagnostic procedures, such as x-rays.

The dentist will determine the extent of the damage to your teeth, as well as the condition of the underlying bone and surrounding gums. He will then recommend a specific dental implant depending on what best suits the condition of your teeth.

After determining your needs and agreeing upon a procedure, the dentist will tell you exactly what you should expect during the surgery. Extreme dental restoration procedures may require general anesthesia, although local anesthetic is typically sufficient.

After the Procedure

You will receive clear post-operative instructions from your dentist which may differ depending on the kinds of procedures you had. It is important to stick to soft foods for several days after the procedure and to brush your teeth carefully to compensate for any bruising or swelling in the mouth.

Swelling may be present for the first 40 hours after surgery but will then begin to decline. To help with managing swelling it is recommended to place ice packs at different intervals throughout the day.

It is important for your incision wounds to heal properly. To help with keeping the surgical area clean and free from infection it is recommended to start gentle, warm saltwater rinse 24 hours after surgery. To treat any pain difficulties, you may be offered a prescription or over-the-counter medication.

It’s also essential that you maintain a regular cleaning and hygiene routine for your dental implants and the surrounding teeth. This will preserve the efficacy of the implants and avoid any complications. Your dentist will brief you on the necessary maintenance.

Accuracy and Transparency Are of the Utmost Importance

Since dental implants are custom-made to meet each patient’s exact needs, it is important that the dentist completes accurate imaging and analysis of your restorative needs. This will allow them to properly evaluate whether or not you are a proper candidate, as well as the exact nature and cost of your dental implants.

To this end, our team employs an iTero Element 5D scanner. The iTero Element 5D scanner uses powerful imaging technology to achieve accurate color scans in real time! You can see a simulated outcome of your treatment instantly.

Other methods of scanning and imaging, such as x-rays, may also be used. These are employed by our team to determine your exact needs, as well as evaluate whether or not dental implants are right for you.

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Meet Our Dental Implant Surgery Dentists

Our qualified dentists are one of the main reasons our clients often walk away satisfied with their procedures.

Dr. Gurki Malhi is a kind and personable doctor who is dedicated to offering all-encompassing patient-centered care. Dr. Malhi finished his Ph.D. studies in Sydney, Australia after earning his Honours B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Wilfrid Laurier University. Dr. Malhi spent a number of years working abroad in both urban and rural Australia before coming home to help his community.

Prior to earning her doctorate in dentistry from the University of Sydney, Dr. Johal earned her Honours B.Sc. at the University of Toronto. Dr. Johal is particularly interested in restorative dentistry and firmly supports continuing dental education programs and their beneficial effects on patient care. She works hard to deliver thorough dental care that is tailored to each person’s requirements.

How Do I Know if I'm a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are not appropriate for all people. A candidate needs to have healthy bone density and a robust immune system for an implant to take. You might need a bone graft before a dental implant can be placed if your bone is not strong enough to support one.

Furthermore, dental implants are typically limited to non-smokers only. Since dental implantation involves the installation of foreign materials into the bone structure of the jaw, smoking may introduce contaminants that can negatively impact dental implants.

Any dental restoration will start with a consultation to determine your exact needs and eligibility. This may also involve other diagnostic measures such as x-rays or digital imaging. Your dentist will then make recommendations based on what is best for your teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, dental implants are not for everybody. There are some situations in which dental implants will not be suitable for health reasons, or because the underlying bone is not strong enough to support an implant. In general, candidates for dental implants must exhibit the following qualities:
  • Damaged and/or missing teeth
  •  Strong bone that can support dental implants
  • Non-smoker
  • Good overall health
Dental implants use a biocompatible material such as titanium which is designed to be strong enough to support long-lasting implants, and minimally reactive so as to coexist naturally with the ecosystem of your body. Dental implants are made of three main components: 
  • Titanium alloy rods. These are screwed into the jawbone and act as the tooth’s natural “root”.
  • Abutment. This connects the rod and crown together. 
  • Crown. The crown will cap the top of the tooth and it will resemble the shape and color of your natural teeth.
Dental implants are meant to be a long-lasting solution to missing or broken teeth. Studies have shown that dental implants may last for 15 to 20 years or even longer. Regular maintenance and care are essential in order to maintain them for as long as possible. The exact requirements will depend on how extensive the implant is. Lastly, different factors such as oral health and lifestyle choices can affect how long a dental implant lasts.

As mentioned above, there are different types of dental implants, and the exact maintenance required for them will depend on the nature of your specific implant. However, the best way to care for your dental implants is to brush and floss them, the same way you do with your natural teeth!

Avoiding smoking and alcohol is a good idea for your general health but is particularly important for those who have dental implants. Alcohol and smoking can delay healing of your implant and lead to implant failure.

It is important to schedule regular visits to the dentist regardless of if you have dental implants. This allows the dental hygienists to clean your teeth and your dental implant and allows for the dentists to pick up on any areas of concerns before they become problematic.Your dentist will also give you specific recommendations for maintenance and care before and after your dental implant surgery. 

You Will Love Your New Smile

We really think that everyone has a stunning smile. However, for some people, tooth decay, an oral injury, or bad luck have prevented them from smiling. It is our responsibility to reveal the smile that is concealed by dental problems.

Some people place a higher value on good oral health than attractive smiles. In this case, we think both are intricately related. After instance, many of the flaws that cause an unattractive smile may also result in difficulties including shifting teeth, sunken gums, gum disease, and other problems.

When teeth are damaged or decayed, many people fear that their smile is permanently gone. We can make your smile look as beautiful as it once did!

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