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Tooth Whitening in Mississauga, ON

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Notice the difference in your smile now compared to when you were younger? It is a common trend for teeth stains and darkening. However, there are other factors that could cause them as well such things like smoking or drinking coffee too much which will damage enamel over time. At Onyx Dental, we offer a variety of teeth whitening procedures to help you achieve that beautiful smile.

At Onyx Dental, we only use the highest quality medical-grade teeth whitening products. Unlike most traditional dentists who only use one whitening system, we provide UV-filtered light and laser as well. Not to mention that all of our options are natural or organic, give us call for an appointment today.

Why Consider Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is the best option for those who want their results to be quick and easy. For many people, this means they don’t have the time or energy needed in order to obtain good quality home care products like kits with special trays that require so much attention while using them. With the many different types of products available on today’s market, finding a teeth whitening kit that will work for you can be difficult. Thankfully there is an alternative – professional options tend not to cost much more than their home based counterparts and they provide better results in most cases!

Tooth Whitening in Mississauga, ON

What Happens During a Professional Teeth Whitening?

We take pride in providing our patients with the best possible experience. At Onyx Dental, we provide two main types of dental whitening to meet everyone’s needs; some offices work only on an appointment-based service while others offer treatments that can be completed at home as well if needed or desired by you! Whether it is during your next teeth cleaning session.

The teeth whitening procedure is not as long than many people think. A typical patient will spend about an hour and half at their appointment, but some may only need 40 minutes to get results that they’re looking for!

Why Get Your Teeth Whitened Now?

At Onyx Dental, we also recommend that patients have their teeth whitened before having other cosmetic dental procedures completed. Most of the materials used in a patient’s restoration or for cosmetic purposes are stain-resistant and bleach resistant; this includes crowns which won’t stain but should maintain its initial coloring with time. When restoring your smile using our services at one point during treatment it will match what you already see around them because all restorations created by us come to perfectly match each individual’s shade.

Does teeth whitening affect fillings, veneers, or crowns?

Teeth whitening has little or no effect on restorative materials such as porcelain or crowns but may temporarily reduce the bond strength between enamel and composite restorations.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The results of a teeth whitening treatment can last anywhere from six months to two years, but they’re more likely going stay on your smile if you avoid drinking red wine or coffee. And the best way is by practicing good oral hygiene at home with brushing twice per day and flossing once daily.

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