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Thanks to Dr. Malhi’s extensive experience, patients can get a wide variety of services all in one convenient location, including surgical dentistry. We at Onyx Dental of Erin Mills pride ourselves on the variety and convenience we provide to patients. We offer surgical dentistry, including dental implants surgeries in one convenient location without having you referral out expensive outside specialists or completing more procedures than necessary.

We’re all about customer comfort here! We know that nobody looks forward to having minor surgical procedures done, but with todays modern technology it provides you with the safest, and least invasive treatment possible. So, no matter what type of treatment you need for your teeth and gums- from routine checkups to major procedures like dental implants -we’ll work with each individual patient on their specific needs and focus on your comfort and well-being before anything else!

Our Surgical Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dental treatments are incredibly popular with patients, and we offer a wide range of them. Teeth whitening is one such service that many people choose for their cosmetic needs; it can make your smile brighter than ever before! You may also be interested in our other options like veneers or implants if you want to change the way your teeth look without any permanent damage done.

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Tooth Extractions

We all want to keep our teeth for as long and healthy a life possible, but sometimes the best thing we can do for them is remove an infected or pain-causing tooth. This may be necessary if:

  • You have lost too much bone supporting your damaged/decayed tooth.
  • Room needs to be created in order accommodate dentures.
  • A tooth has become painful, or infected and needs to be removed.
  • Gum disease has weakened the bone supporting a tooth.

Implant Placement

A dental implant is an important and necessary procedure to replace teeth that have been lost. The root structure of your jaw will be supported with a small titanium post which can attach it securely to several types of restorations depending on what you need to be done! With our advanced imaging technology, we’ll make sure this surgery goes off without any problems so not only do they come out looking great but also heal quickly too – making the whole experience much easier than most people anticipate.

Bone Grafting

When you lose your tooth, it can leave behind an empty space that is not just aesthetically pleasing. This socket will need support from time to ensure proper dental health for the new permanent implant and improved chewing abilities in general- we’ll use bone grafting techniques if necessary!

Immediate Dentures

Patients enjoy the immediate dentures as they can speak and eat with confidence. The prosthetic teeth fit comfortably on their gums, enabling patients to eat normally without any problem! If necessary for permanent restorations we will work together until our designs are perfect-just like how it should be when you visit your dentist every six months or so at least.

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At our dental practice in Mississauga, ON, we believe that a patient’s comfort is the most important thing in their life. Our goal for you and your teeth will always be to help you feel confident with how they look after every procedure! To schedule an initial consultation call us today on (905) 567-4999.

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At Onyx Dental we believe everybody should have access to proper dental care which is why we proudly offer affordable pricing for the entire family. Most insurance types are accepted. From teeth whitening to a tooth extraction we got you covered!

Our Qualifications

Dr. Malhi is completed extensive education with the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Implant Residency with The institute of Dental Excellence. He is also a member of the Ontario Dental Association, Halton Peel Dental Association, and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons.

Itero Scanner Technology

The iTero Element 5D scanner uses powerful imaging technology to achieve accurate color scans in real time! You can see a simulated outcome of your treatment instantly.

Dental Technology

We are always striving to provide outstanding dental services, which is why you can find our office filled with state-of the art technology and equipment. We make sure that we're up on all of latest advances in dentistry so your experience here will be amazing!

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