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Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars to develop in our mouth. They may cause problems because most mouths do not have enough space to accommodate these teeth. It is important to have your wisdom teeth assessed by the team at Onyx Dental in Erin Mills to see if it is in your best interest to have these teeth extracted. Onyx Dental in Erin Mills, they can become a problem very quickly.

When wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow in the mouth, they may become covered by gum or bone tissue (impacted wisdom teeth). This can cause pain and pressure on top of infection which could damage the jawbone around them as well if left untreated.

In rare circumstances, wisdom teeth can even develop into cysts that create a larger problem and require more extensive oral surgery which is why you want to make sure you get it checked out sooner rather than later.

When You Should Seek Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When a patient’s third molars don’t have enough room to erupt properly, they often get stuck and end up causing complications. This is because impacted wisdom teeth will start growing toward your healthy ones in an attempt for them not to be trapped.

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Since patients cannot clean them correctly when they are impacted, they usually result in infection. Coming in for regular checkups allows the team at Onyx Dental to take the x-rays needed to assess the position of your wisdom teeth. If it is suspected that the positioning of these teeth will lead to impaction or further problems then it is best to have your wisdom teeth extracted sooner than later. This is for multiple reasons including, the roots are not fully formed so the extraction leads to less complications and younger patients have a quicker healing time.

Complications From Impaction and Infection

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of different problems and complications — more so than people may realize. Aside from tooth decay and jaw damage, impacted wisdom teeth can also affect other parts of the throat; including your sinuses, neck, and inner ears.

Untreated damage resulting from wisdom teeth can lead to infections spreading to your ears and sinuses, potentially damaging your hearing or sense of smell. This infection and swelling can spread quickly and can compromise your airway. If you notice any swelling or infection in your mouth it is important to see a dental provider as soon as possible.

Tooth Damage

Impacted wisdom teeth often cause damage or displacement of surrounding teeth. This can lead to pain, difficulty cleaning, cavities, and infection. The problem often gets worse as your wisdom teeth crowd the other teeth in your mouth surrounding them.
Tooth damage from impacted wisdom teeth can also affect your ability to bite properly, which can lead to issues with your jaw and neck.

Jaw Damage

As wisdom teeth form in the jawbone, the surrounding sac can become infected and fill with fluid. Cysts resulting from this kind of fluid buildup are painful and can lead to more serious infections.
In the worst cases, extensive damage to the jawbone can occur, leading to further complications and potentially affecting other teeth in the surrounding jaw.

Sinus Problems

Infections resulting from impacted wisdom teeth can spread to the sinuses and the ear. These infections can cause a wide range of problems, including pain, hearing loss, and olfactory malfunction.

Neck Problems

Pressure from impacted wisdom teeth can affect tendons in the jaw, which can become inflamed or infected. This irritation can cause a wide range of neck issues, and it may not be immediately obvious that your wisdom teeth are the issue.
Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause problems with your bite, which can also lead to neck problems if you forego tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Thanks to a variety of numbing and sedation dentistry procedures, the wisdom teeth removal procedure is straightforward and comparatively painless. Every stage of the procedure will be explained to you by our skilled dentists, who will also allay any fears you may be experiencing.

Making an incision to expose the impacted tooth and bone, cutting the tooth into pieces, extracting the tooth, cleaning the area, and, in certain cases, stitching up the wound are all possible steps in the wisdom teeth extraction procedure.

After that, gauze will be applied to the region to stop any bleeding. After the treatment, the oral surgeon will advise you on how to care for your mouth and what to eat and drink.

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Post-Operative Care for Wisdom Teeth Removal

In order to prevent infection, patients who undergo tooth extraction occasionally need to take antibiotics and, at the very least, take care after the treatment.
Wisdom Teeth Removal Mississauga - Onyx Dental

During the healing process, it is advised against smoking and drinking liquids through straws since they increase the risk of the wound opening. After 24 hours you will be advised to start gentle warm water and salt rinses to keep the sites clean. All post-op instructions will be thoroughly explained to you and you will leave the office with written instructions to refer back to.

Applying cold compresses to the outer cheek close to the wisdom tooth extraction site can help decrease any swelling and speed up healing after tooth extraction. For any post op pain your dentist will prescribe you medication depending on your health and case severity.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal FAQs

Typically, four wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. However, wisdom teeth can occasionally erupt earlier or later in life. It is also possible to be born without any wisdom teeth, or only one set of wisdom teeth (top or bottom), rather than the regular four wisdom teeth.

There is still disagreement over the precise reason for these anomalies in the development of wisdom teeth. Some may argue that the reduced size of our jaws is evidence of human evolution, while others may argue that it is simply a genetic mutation.

However, it is still true that up to 85% of the population had issues with their wisdom teeth and required wisdom tooth extractions. Today, it is widely acknowledged that wisdom teeth are a thing of the past rather than a vital component of our jaws.

The most frequent query from patients with wisdom teeth removal difficulties is “How painful are wisdom teeth extractions?” because of the stigma surrounding the procedure.

There are two potential answers to this question, depending on your specific issue. Impacted wisdom teeth might be fully erupted, or only partially erupted with tissue covering the rest of the tooth.

For the former, the wisdom tooth extraction method will be identical to a standard tooth extraction treatment and won’t require surgery to open up your gum.

In the latter scenario, we first need to make a surgical incision in the gum tissue in order to expose the wisdom tooth underneath. This will only require minimal wisdom teeth surgery.

Sedatives may be prescribed if necessary to help calm anxious patients and to help them feel more at ease and relaxed throughout the procedure. Quite often for wisdom teeth surgeries, patients opt for one of the many sedation options offered at Onyx Dental. These include, nitrous oral sedation, oral sedation or a combination of both (moderate sedation). All these options will be discussed with you at your consultation to determine what is best for your needs and case.

Both types of treatments will be done under local anesthetic, so the patient shouldn’t experience any pain other than some pressure and discomfort. Anesthesia application is often incredibly painless due to recent advancements in dental technology.

Our dental specialists are committed to giving every patient the finest care possible throughout any operation and have experience with patients dealing with dental anxiety. At the end of the day, our goal is to facilitate a comfortable procedure with a quick and comfortable recovery.

Many patients experience issues related to the development of their wisdom teeth but are not yet ready for a wisdom tooth extraction.

It’s crucial to realise, however, that as we age, the risks for potential complications and health difficulties may worsen and won’t go away on their own.

Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists at Onyx Dental to go over your alternatives for care should you decide against having the wisdom tooth out. Our specialists will tell you all you need to know, particularly how to take care of your tooth to avoid further issues.

If you choose to leave the troublesome wisdom tooth — or wisdom teeth — in place, you will need to give it special attention at all times in terms of cleaning and care. By doing this, infection and decay risks are reduced.

Leaving an impacted wisdom tooth for too long runs the risk of pushing the neighbouring tooth and surrounding tissue, leading to misalignment and overcrowding. In these circumstances, wisdom teeth extraction is typically the best course of action.

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in a number of problems, including ones that are purely cosmetic and aesthetic (such as crooked teeth), as well as functional problems that weaken and misalign your bite and increase your risk of infection and inflammation. Malocclusion (misalignment) may also prevent some of your teeth from being cleaned by routine oral care procedures, increasing the risk of bacterial buildup.

Another factor to think about is the cost of further treatments to correct alignments if we decide without extracting wisdom teeth and it ultimately results in malocclusion. Not to mention that wisdom teeth surgery may be required in order to complete the restorative procedure.

Our experienced dentists at Onyx Dental can help you with a painless and efficient wisdom tooth extraction to prevent uncomfortable procedures. We will give you all the necessary information to assist you get ready for the treatment and to get ready for a quicker recovery.

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