Same-Day Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Same-Day Dental Implants Pros and Cons

There is a new procedure in implant dentistry that offers many patients an exciting alternative option. While a traditional dental implant can take months to complete, as the jaw and gums need to heal from the implant surgery before the artificial tooth can be placed, you can now receive an implant in just one day. Same-day, or one-day dental implants, are becoming popular and having great success.

For those suffering from a lack of self-confidence due to missing teeth, or those who have issues with dentures that slip or come out, this is good news. It is also another good way to prevent the oral health care issues that arise from leaving a gap in your teeth, such as shifting teeth, and even teeth and bone loss.

What Do Same-Day Dental Implants Involve

Compared to traditional implants, same-day procedures are much faster and can be done with the implant process in a single visit, although you will still need to come in for an initial consultation beforehand and a follow-up visit afterward. This same-day procedure also allows for the implant to fuse to the bone better, you’ll leave the office with a full mouth of teeth, and your gums heal more quickly and are less likely to recede. Same-day implants may take from under an hour to a few hours, depending on the number of new teeth.

The artificial tooth that is placed right after surgery is temporary and is replaced after osseo-integration, or the fusing of the bone to the implant post has taken place. More permanent restorations that are custom-made will look better and look more like natural teeth than the temporary teeth used after surgery.

Implant Supported Dentures and Bridges

These are also placed as part of All-on-Four treatments. Four dental implants are used to support complete sets of teeth. Teeth are placed so the forces that the face of the implant are at an obtuse angle for better security. Bone grafting is usually unnecessary because implant placement maximizes the use of your bone and using thicker-bone areas, but adequate bone is still necessary, just as it is for traditional implants.

With this process, patients can also receive fixed bridges or implant-supported dentures right away, too, since this treatment leaves them with immediate function.

Candidates For Same-Day Dental Implants

As with any procedure, some people may not be suitable candidates for same-day implants. To be a good candidate, having good overall health and oral health is important.

Those with gum disease and poor oral hygiene may not be suitable. If you have a decayed or diseased tooth, that would need to be treated first.

Patients with an autoimmune disease, chronic disease, or other condition that could affect the healing or implantation procedure may not be a good candidate.

If you are a smoker, you should quit before the procedure, as smoking delays the healing process and increases the risk of implant failure.

Those that grind their teeth excessively may also not be good candidates.

The most critical factor, however, is bone density and the quantity of bone. There needs to be sufficient bone to secure the implant. If there is not enough bone, bone grafting is an option, and can be completed first.

Implant Dentistry Options For Missing Teeth

Implant Dentistry Options For Missing Teeth

Traditional dental implants and same-day dental implants offer high success rates of 95% or better.

Same-day dental implants are much faster than traditional dental implants, but there are other advantages, as well as disadvantages, to this new treatment.

Advantages Of Same-Day Dental Implants

The obvious advantage is that the implant can be placed in one visit, so you have your new teeth immediately, which is important to many patients. However, there are other benefits.

Better Fusing

Same-day dental implants enable the implant to fuse to the bone better, through osseointegration, for more security.

Faster Healing

Gums heal more quickly and are less likely to recede, too. The healing process is helped by the fact that the implant restorations keep debris away from the socket.

Excellent Success Rates

Although a new treatment, the success rate for same-day implants is good and is improving, so they are as reliable as traditional implants.

Disadvantages Of Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-Day Dental Implants: Pros and Cons - Onyx Dental

There are some disadvantages to same-day dental implants to be aware of. Although success rates are excellent and improving, there is a very low risk that same-day implants are more likely to fail than traditional implants.

Post-Surgery Issues

Same-day implants may lead to more bone loss compared to traditional implants, although only very slightly, this can lead to the implant becoming loose. It is important to note that this bone loss is less than what is expected when no implant has been placed.

Some patients experience more swelling and discomfort immediately after the procedure, too.

Longer Procedure Time

Although a patient can achieve the look of natural teeth faster, the actual length of time at the dentist’s office is longer.

Patient Compliance More Critical

It is also important to be aware this treatment still requires the implant to fuse to the bone through osseointegration. This part cannot be sped up, since the body takes a certain amount of time to do this for fully-secure implants. With same-day dental implants, a patient needs to commit to all dentist recommendations completely to ensure success, including sticking to soft foods. Otherwise, the dental implants could shift during the six-month healing process.

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